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PBOL - Professional Banking Operations & Leadership - A PATHways Program

Exclusively for SunTrust teammates

Learning that leads to increased confidence and opportunity.

The Professional Banking Operations & Leadership (PBOL) Program, a SunTrust PATHways learning program, was developed by SunTrust leadership in collaboration with Bellevue University.

For any SunTrust teammate who is motivated to advance in her/his career, PBOL courses cover all aspects of banking operations. This means that every teammate can benefit from valuable insight into, and collaboration with, other areas of the business. All course content is designed to give you the knowledge, background, and confidence to be a strong professional and help you achieve career advancement opportunities.

Advance your career with courses covering:

  • Bank operations, growth, and profit generation
  • Recognizing and acting on marketing strategies
  • How to establish goals for teammates that align with organizational goals
  • Understanding organizational financial analysis elements
  • Negotiation, communication, and relationship building skills
  • Evaluating and improving bank success

You will learn conveniently and collaboratively online with other SunTrust teammates around the nation...Learn how PBOL helps you connect with other career-motivated SunTrust teammates.

Badge for PBOL Grads

PBOL grads can proudly display their accomplishment!

PBOL graduates receive a badge they can show on social media and other digital venues. Claim yours now.

Kimberly Eul, Head of Leadership and Teammate Experience, explains why SunTrust created PBOL.

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Research Shows PBOL Grads Are:

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1.5X MORE LIKELY to see positive career movement at SunTrust.

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MORE LIKELY to earn "FULLY SUCCESSFUL" performance reviews.


20% MORE LIKELY to STAY WITH SUNTRUST for their banking career.

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